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Care Services at Potters Grange

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Residential Care with Nursing

Residential care enables you to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle with the reassurance of knowing that you have a well-trained care team on hand 24/7, with care and support when needed. You will also have your own key worker, someone you can really get to know and trust, who in turn will understand your likes and dislikes.


Our skilled nurses are here to deliver an extra level of care and clinical advice for you, be that for now or in the future. This means if your care needs should change in the future, we have the depth of skills to support you. Our nurse team pride themselves in delivering the highest standards of care, helping you to maintain good physical and mental health.

At Potters Grange you have the best of both worlds, a hybrid service, Residential Care with Nursing.

The Potters Grange team are here to enable you to live your life, the way you want. Keeping you connected with those you love and with the things that make you smile.

It’s like having your own community nursing team in house, so you can call on their skills to keep you well and prevent any unnecessary visits to hospital.

Short Stay Breaks (Respite)

Why not stay with us for a couple of weeks?

You can enjoy all the features and benefits of Potters Grange for a short period of time, maybe following a care crisis such as a fall or a period in hospital.

Short breaks are also a really gentle way for you and your family to trial Potters Grange, without the stress or fear of committing to a full-time move.

We are a long way removed from most people’s idea of what a care home is. What have you got to lose by staying for a short break, enjoying great food and good company in beautiful surroundings?