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“We are passionate about what we do and our great staff are key to our success”

Lesa McAnulty
Chief Operating Officer

Benefits of working for Potters Grange

We are not a big corporate care company with thousands of anonymous staff.  We all know each other and support each other every day, working as a team.

Ardale is proud to be an employer of choice.

For an exciting, fulfilling and rewarding career, come and join our team, but before you apply, it’s essential you check yourself against the following statements:

  1. I am naturally caring and compassionate, I can empathise (put myself in someone else’s shoes and understand their feelings).
  2. I am honest.
  3. I am reliable.
  4. I really want to make a difference.
  5. I am eager to learn new things and happy to attend training.
  6. I have previous care experience but have always believed there is a better way to care.
  7. I want to have a voice and be influential in getting things right for our residents (promoting their independence, while maintaining their friendships and interests).
  8. (For nurses) I am a qualified nurse and would love to actually have an opportunity to do what I have trained for and work in a consultative role providing clinical and nursing care, advice and training to our amazing care team, residents and their families.
  9. I can work shifts and can be flexible

If selected, we will care for you with an equal passion and commitment as you will show to our residents. We will train you to be one of Potters Grange’s greatest assets and will celebrate that by providing you with:

  • A fair and very competitive rate of pay
  • Ongoing training and personal development opportunities
  • Double pay on bank holidays
  • Overtime opportunities
  • Free meals
  • Shopping vouchers and high street discounts
  • Employment anniversary recognition
  • A supportive and developmental management structure
  • Staff forums to give you a voice to share YOUR ideas and see them actioned.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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