Infection Control and Virus Management

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The COVID-19 outbreak was an unprecedented situation for us all. This said, infection/viral control for us has always been important in protecting our residents and staff; good Infection Control practice existed long before COVID 19.

As a brand new service we have a number of major advantages:

  • Ardale is well resourced and spending on items related to keeping people safe in Oakham Grange, is not restricted.
  • We regularly review risk assessments, policies and procedures, which encapsulate the Dept. Of Health best practise guidance in infection control.
  • All staff receive infection control training before they commence their role within the home.
  • We always have a significant stock of personal protection equipment (PPE) for ‘just in case situations’.
  • Our qualified nurses (including our General Manager) are fully trained in infection control processes and are on duty every day.
  • We have stringent delivery and visitor check in protocols.
  • We have hand washing and sanitising stations throughout.
  • We have areas of the home that are completely self-contained and can be used for isolation purposes if need be.
  • We have a larger than average cleaning team using the best available anti-bacterial/viral protection products.
  • Many bedrooms have their own doors to the outside, so that safe visiting can still take place in the event of any future ‘outbreaks’ (Subject to regulatory guidance and advice).
  • We embrace technologically advanced communication options so that ongoing GP consultations and virtual meetings can continue uninterrupted if we are required to close the home to visitors.

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