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Potters Grange are leading the way in keeping families connected.

Potters Grange is an early adopter of technology that means our residents will always be connected with their loved ones, wherever they may live.

Our residents now benefit from Famileo, a tool that provides quick and easy communication between families.

It’s a free app for phone, tablet and computer and enables everyone to upload news and photos which in turn creates a bespoke printed weekly newsletter, so even the biggest technophobe can easily enjoy staying connected.

Family holidays, happy memories or just a quick hello… With a few clicks each family member can share their day-to-day goings-on and stay connected.

So how does it work?

We set up an online profile for each person, after which loved ones can upload a message to a private profile along with a picture in just a few clicks. From there, Famileo gathers up all messages and pictures and lays them into a personalised weekly newspaper, we will then print them for each of our residents to read and enjoy. Each person’s gazette not only allows them to be a part of what is happening on the outside world, but also opens up new interactions and forms stronger relationships between the resident and our care team. It has proved so far to be a great conversation starter!

The best part?

Famileo is completely free for residents and families, and we can ensure privacy by providing a unique family code to each person to share with who they choose to. 

“At Potters Grange good mental health is as important as good physical health. The COVID pandemic has taught us all how important it is to keep connected with loved ones. Over the last 24 months so many older people in their own homes have felt so lonely and isolated. In a good care home, residents have enjoyed the company of their peers, but by adopting this simple tech, Potters Grange residents are enabled to keep in touch, even if they live with long term conditions like dementia” Robert Myers, part of the Potters Grange Senior Team.

And that’s not all…

Famileo also gives our residents the opportunity to share what they’ve been up to with you. Thanks to the community wall all ‘family members’ can log on and discover their loved ones day-to-day activities. 

At Potters Grange we have a dedicated activities team which means there is always something going on and our residents love to get involved, whether that be a game of scrabble with friends, gardening club or music group. Whatever they decide they want to get involved in, we can share it with you on the Famileo app.

“As a family run residential home with nursing, we have a strict policy of not using our resident’s images on our website or social media feeds. Now with resident’s permission, it’s great to be able to securely share with families what living at Potters Grange is like”. Robert Myers

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